Visión artificial. Algoritmos y mecanismos

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    Semi-autonomous robot control system with an improved 3D vision scheme for search and rescue missions : a joint research collaboration between South Africa and Argentina
    (ASTES, 2018-12-1) Kamlofsky, Jorge Alejandro ; Bergamini, María Lorena ; Naidoo, Nicol ; Bright, Glen ; Zelasco, José ; Ansaldo, Francisco ; Stopforth, Riaan
    Rescue operations require technology to assist the rescue process. The robotic technology in these missions is becoming very important. The important aspects investigated in this study are the integration of a mechatronic system that will allow for a robotic platform with a vision system. The research collaboration between Argentina and South Africa is discussed, with the correlating research areas that each country investigated. The study permitted the development and advancement of a search and rescue system for different robots (wayfarer and drones) with different vision capabilities. A novel and innovative vision approach is presented.