A parallel tableau algorithm for BIG DATA verification

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Asteasuain, Fernando
Rodríguez Caldeira, Luciana
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Universidad Nacional de La Matanza
BIG DATA systems are becoming more and more present in our everyday life generating data and information that needs to be explored and analyzed. In this sense, formal verification tools and techniques must provide solutions to face with these new challenges since they been pointed out as one of the most needed software engineering activities to consolidate BIG DATA modern systems. In this work we present a parallel implementation of a tableau algorithm aiming to improve the performance of our formal verication scheme. The pursued objective behind this transformation is to adapt our framework to deal with BIG DATA systems.
big data, formal verification, parallel programming
Asteasuain, F.; Rodríguez Caldeira, L. (2020). A parallel tableau algorithm for BIG DATA verification. En: Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computación, CACIC. 26. 5-9 oct 2020. Libro de actas. San Justo : Universidad Nacional de La Matanza. p.:351-360