Verification and behavioral synthesis of agent-based systems

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Asteasuain, Fernando
Gamboa, Pablo Daniel
D’Angiolo, Federico
Dubinsky, Manuel
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Sociedad Argentina de Informática, SADIO
In this work we explore the FVS language as a formalism to express, validate and synthesize behavior in the agent-based systems'world. Recent work relates Behavioral Synthesis with agent-based systems, opening the possibility for formalisms in the formal verification area to make an impact in the artificial intelligence domain. In this work we analyze FVS as a potential candidate to make a contribution given its desirable characteristics such as exibility, great expressive power and its ability to perform behavioral synthesis in Open Systems. A very well known case of study is analyzed: the Dining Cryptographers protocol, including one variation of the protocol. FVS was able to fully specify,validate and synthesize the behavior of the protocol.
agent-based systems, behavioral synthesis, formal verification
Asteasuain, F.; D'Angiolo, F.; Dubinsky, M.; Gamboa, P.D. (2020). Verification and behavioral synthesis of agent-based systems. En: Jornadas Argentinas de Informática virtuales, JAIIO, 49, 19-30 oct 2020. Simposio Argentlno de Inteligencia Artificial, ASAI. 21. Anales de ASAI 2020. p.:100-113