Simplifying concurrency and monitoring on Arduino for Internet of Things

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Morán, Jorge Ricardo
Teragni, Matías Iván
Zabala, Gonzalo Esteban
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Universidad Nacional de La Matanza
The Internet of Things (IoT) presents several challenges and opportunities to improve people’s lives. Experts agree on the importance of involving the community in the process of defining and creating IoT in order to succeed. Platforms like Arduino make it simple for non-technical people to build IoT devices. However, they also present difficulties that complicate their adoption and limit their reach. In this paper, we focus on the Arduino language and its limited support for concurrency and monitoring, which we deem essential for the IoT. We explore the existing solutions offered by the Arduino ecosystem and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, we propose an alternative solution based on a high-level programming language designed to tackle these issues with the help of an embedded virtual machine.
Internet of Things, cloud computing, programming language, virtual machine, Arduino, concurrency, monitoring
Morán, R.; Teragni, M.; Zabala, G. (2020). Simplifying concurrency and monitoring on Arduino for Internet of Things. En: Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computación, CACIC. 26. 5-9 oct 2020. Actas. San Justo : Universidad Nacional de La Matanza. p.590-599